Bio-Electric Rejuvenation

The face of the future!


As you age, underlying facial muscles lose elasticity and become less able to support the skin tissue attached to them. In addition, the skin loses its ability to regenerate new tissue and its ability to moisturize itself. Fluid build up, wrinkles and sagging are the end result of this process.

The Bio-Electric Rejuvenation treatment stimulates the cells and re-educates the facial muscles. This process also creates elasticity in the tissue, keeping the skin healthy. The treatment uses universal healing frequencies to tone muscles, reduce fluid retention and to soften wrinkles. Specific techniques are used to lift and keep muscles firm.

The number of treatments you needs depends upon your age and condition when you first begin treatment. Treatments take approximately 20-25 minutes, and it is recommended that the you come in for an initial series of two or three treatments per week for five to six weeks. After the initial series, it is recommended to come in every month to keep muscle tight and healthy.

This treatment is incredible as both a preventative and corrective treatment. It is pleasantly relaxing and will re-tone your muscles and rejuvenate your skin.