Quantum Electro Ionization Technology

Before After Quantum

Unleash the power!

The Quantum utilizes electro Ionization technology, which provides extensive hydration that will leave you with a beautiful healthy glow, feeling refreshed and hydrated. You will notice a tightening effect leaving your skin firmer. Lines will be softened, loose tissue around the eyes, neck and declote will be tighter and skin tone will be noticeably "evened out" for an immediately more youthful appearance. Plus, if you suffer from acne or rosacea you will notice an immediate calmness in irritated areas and a reduction in inflammation. As the week progresses, you will notice a continuing improvement in your skin.

The Quantum can treat sun damaged or rough textured skin, aging or dehydrated skin, acne, oily skin, scar tissue and loss of elasticity.

The Quantum is a non-invasive treatment that combines a natural saline solution with highly charged negative ions. When the ionized oxygen and charged saline penetrates the skin tissue, it effects the molecular bond between the cells creating a collagen reformation response with little or no trauma caused to the skin and substantial results.

The Quantum treatment is quick – typically taking between 25-30 minutes. No after treatment is necessary, because the skin tissue is clinically sterilized, super hydrated, and tightened. If desired, makeup can be immediately applied after a treatment.

For optimum results, you should schedule a series of six appointments – one per week for six weeks.